About Praxis Executive

Praxis Executive is a global IT services and consulting company creating agile and robust solutions to meet our client's requirements. Our focus is to provide a cost effective solution to help our clients gain a true competitive advantage from a well-implemented e-business strategy.

We have helped hundreds of businesses to flourish in their digital transformation journeys. Our team has the right mix of technical expertise, dedication and ability to solve problems fast and we are consistently recognised by our clients for this. Is technology oversight costing you? We will look closely at your current situation and will guide through the best path to deliver the desired outcome.

With a complexity simplified approach, we specialise in change management and can help your business towards agility and responsiveness. We can bring cost effective solutions at your door step by pooling the right talent with the right skills across the globe.


MuleSoft integration

Connect to your company's Digital World

Hassle free movement of data is what the connected enterprise is all about, MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform will ease the challenging connectivity problems across Sales force, ServiceNow and APIs.

How we Work?

Our Consultants have expertise in business modelling and system integration which fundamentally helps our clients to smoothen their entire digital transformation process.

After the evaluation stage our consultants provide the client with a blueprint of architectural transformation.


Flexibility, Reliability and Agility are the key components of Technology

With rapidly changing Business needs and technological advancement of social, Mobile and Cloud have enforced the IT to be more agile and cost-effective solutions to be delivered to the Businesses and their end customers.

At Praxis Executive we offer enterprises to achieve a connected DevOps tool chain for end-to-end application releases by enabling faster and effective time to market solutions.


Due to Digital Transformation, companies are forced to adopt a rapidly changing digital, customer-first world.

As a hands-on partner we help you to respond to this new world with an integrated strategy and domain expertise.

Our large global team of consultants will work flexibly with you to deliver effective results from inception to end-to-end execution.

Get the expertise you need for successful e-business

Being so critical to every aspect of modern business, the enormous benefits of e-business come with risks and intense pressure. A system that will touch upon so many areas of your business is a tough challenge and project failure can have dire consequences.

To ensure your project is a success Praxis Executive provide specialist knowledge in key areas such as:

  • Business analysis and e-business strategy
  • Project initiation and project management
  • IT infrastructure, security and disaster recovery
  • User Acceptance Testing

At Praxis Executive we provides the smartest application development services at budget friendly prices. Right from the start of your project, we will be taking up the responsibility to analyse and develop the testing and integration of the system.

Using wide variety of frameworks, we have created a large range of items, tools and applications by using superior methodologies of software development.

We make our clients business very competitive by using strategic differentiation and operational superiority.

We combine our experience and ability to create highly scalable and complex software systems that are provided to our clients to use in their particular market. Our expert and skilled professionals will be delivering great skills, at a great time, in a great location at a great price. Our talented application developers have a vast experience in multiple technologies, industries and disciplines. From implementation, count on your partnership with us to lead you to success with high quality and secure solutions.

e-Business Strategy

e-business is already here and it is the key to future profitability.

Simply put, if you don't take full advantage then you're at a serious competitive disadvantage and vulnerable to the first competitor who does. We don't need to tell you the importance of e-business in today's economy, but how best to take advantage? It's not about jumping on a bandwagon it's about getting the right e-business strategy that delivers true competitive advantage.

e-business is about effective communication

Communication is key to e-business. Communication between every corner of your business — employees, partners, affiliates, suppliers, regulators, shareholders, customers… Online solutions reduce delivery times, improve accuracy and transparency while driving down the cost of business. They also provide access to broader markets, increase response times and provide data for intelligent decision-making.

The potential is huge but failure rates can be high, ROI disappointing. It takes real world experience and excellent project management to develop a successful e-business strategy. The essentials steps are:

Scope — objectives must be clear, achievable and consistent, project size manageable

Preparation — stakeholders must fully understand the project and their role

Specifications — such as a detailed Initiation Document and Functional Specification

Resource Planning — assembling the right team, minimising impact on the rest of the business

Communication — essential in combating mission creep and maintaining objectives

We will work with you to formulate the right strategy that will overcome challenges, take advantage of opportunities and meet your objectives.

A project charter is drafted to describe how the project will be managed and a project plan created to fulfil project goals in the most efficient way. A hierarchy of tasks, goals and achievements is supported by details such as time, costs, controls, and estimates. Sequencing then maps the interdependencies of tasks, timings and resources to meet the time and budget constraints of the project so a model of the project can be built.

Big Data

At Praxis Executive we view Big Data as game changer for business transformation and enable the business insight.

Our aim to help our clients across the industries transform their business and gain significantly by leveraging the power of Big Data across the value chain.


Security is vital for e-business

At Praxis Executive we ensure our solutions have robust security built in. But what about your other systems? Are they vulnerable and do they expose your e-business efforts to potentially crippling risks? Hardware failure, power/ internet outages, DOS attacks, viruses, phishing, worms, trojans… an ever growing number of unpleasant threats capable of comprising or destroying the information assets and credibility of your business.

Internet, data and system security consultancy

The legal, regulatory and credibility ramifications posed by data theft or loss is substantial. You must protect your valuable data, meet data protection legislation and prevent disruption to your business. The Praxis Executive team will help you achieve this through:

  • A pro-active solution minimising disruption by preventing or quarantining security breaches
  • Improved resource management through greater visibility of data flows, bandwidth allocations, connections...
  • Simplified and verifiable data protection compliance through systems designed to control data access and flows
  • Saving time and resources on dealing with spam, malware and security updates
  • Allowing more flexible access (e.g. remote off-site access) across secure connections

Things go wrong and your business must be prepared. Power outages, user error, viruses, hardware failures, system upgrades… all have the potential to take systems offline, disrupt your business and lose you data.

Praxis Executive will help you create an effective disaster recovery strategy or strengthen your existing one through:

  • Risk analysis to identify and resolve vulnerabilities
  • Building redundancy into your network to keep your business running if one part fails
  • The right technologies — remote servers, remote data vaulting, non-tape backups, distance-based load-balanced servers...
  • High-availability servers for mission-critical applications such as Exchange and SQL

We take a pro-active approach. Prevention is our first priority and then our focus is on ensuring your systems get back on their feet fast and without losing data. Security is a prudent investment not a cost.


We have successfully delivered key projects within the Digital Transformation arena for our Banking clients.


We provide a seamless insurance sales and services to extend revenue and captalize on cross-sell opportunities for our clients.


The retail trade is undergoing vital disruption caused each by digital technologies, highly-flexible processes and accessibility of real-time information.


The Hospitality Industry primary foundation is to built upon customer services.It has emerged as one of the key drivers of growth among the services sector.

Public Sector

Our's Public Sector is usually comprised of organizations provides governments to engage residents, government agencies, businesses and deliver services to them in a cost effective manner.

Management Consulting Firms

We are committed to delivering sustainable success to our clients as they desire. Reach out to us to conceive your strategic plans and to improve your business performance and deliver solid business returns.